Laser Wavefront Analysis

Laser Beam Profiling and Wavefront Analysis of Optical Components, Transmitters and Optical Fibers

In the world of optical components and fibers, being able to assess the laser used in the telecommunications network is of great importance. Laser beam profiling and wavefront analysis serve as complimentary techniques for gathering information on the laser beam being used. Beam characteristics, such as shape, stability, uniformity, and wavefront direction, can help detect where a potential misalignment might occur.

Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) focal plane arrays and SWIR cameras are integral components for spatial analysis of lasers and optics in the 900nm to 1700nm spectral band. Beam characteristics like laser beam power, modality, beam divergence, as well as those mentioned earlier, can be rapidly imaged using Sensors Unlimited SWIR cameras. Leading laser and optical fiber analysis instrumentation manufacturers incorporate Sensors Unlimited ISR-Princeton's SWIR imaging devices in products designed for real-time quality control.

The image below shows a short wave infrared camera imaging the shape of a laser beam.