UTC Aerospace Systems unveils new HD camera


UTC Aerospace Systems (UTC) has unveiled a new HD camera in their Sensors Unlimited MiniSWIR line of products. The new model, the GA1280JSX, a shortwave infrared camera, includes high-definition video at 1280x720 resolutions and is designed to function well under low light conditions. The camera is rugged and appropriate for use in industrial and military settings, but is also a light and compact camera that can be placed in a number of areas.

The SWIR camera brand is known for its high sensitivity and high resolution images due to its use of shortwave infrared imaging technology. They're suitable for covert illumination, day-to-night imaging, and do not require cryogenic cooling. They use a small amount of power and they can even see covert beacons and lasers.

The SWIR cameras are designed to integrate with many pre-existing industrial and military surveillance systems. The GA1280JSX HD-SWIR weighs less than 120g without the lens attached to the unit. It’s highly sensitive and is capable of performing well under both low light situations and daylight settings and it can even function well under moonlight. The camera can be used during covert-active or passive persistent surveillance situations, hyperspectral imaging, industrial product inspections, and it can also provide imaging through smoke or haze.

The Sensors Unlimited brand includes a range of area and linescan cameras, focal plane arrays, microgimbals, as well as lenses and accessories.

UTC is a Charlotte based company that offers integrated systems, aerospace technologies, and defense products. They are also a major supplier to a number of international space programs. The company has locations in 26 countries and approximately 150 sites worldwide. It’s part of the United Technologies Corporation, based in Hartford, CT, that specializes in providing services and products for the global aerospace and building systems industries.