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Next-Gen Tracking Sensor Could Help Avoid Friendly Fire Accidents

SWIR camera capable of seeing laser strobes in real time.

SUI Employees Support Local STEM and Career Outreach Events

“STEM events foster problem solving, creativity and critical thinking skills in these young ladies, we were honored to participate in an event that helps to reduce the gender gap in STEM fields."

GHGSat uses SWIR imagery to improve air quality

Sensors Unlimited Customer Spotlight

What is the Electromagnetic Spectrum and Shortwave Infrared (SWIR)

Video Spotlight

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SWIR Camera Utilized in Cutting Edge Tornado Research

SWIR 1280JSX Camera Imagery Beneficial to Storm Spotters

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Assemblyman Zwicker Tours Sensors Unlimited

Discusses Innovation and Job Creation

Why SWIR? - The Value of Shortwave Infrared

Featured Today on Photonics Online

Photonics Online Features Sensors Unlimited Products

A Premier Information Source for the Photonics Industry

Sensors Unlimited featured in Physics Today

June 3, 2016

New Non ITAR Micro-SWIR 640CSX Camera

The latest in its line of exportable high performance short wave infrared (SWIR) cameras

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Sensors Unlimited New 320CSX Featured at Optics and Photonics

August 10-13, 2015

UTC Aerospace Systems launches low cost, 320-MicroSWIR™ camera

Making Sensors Unlimited SWIR more affordable and more exportable

Photonics Online features 320CSX Micro SWIR at DSS 2015

You Asked, They Delivered

Sensors Unlimited Launches New, Low Cost 320CSX Micro SWIR Camera

Making it More Affordable and More Exportable

21st Annual Albert Einstein Memorial Lecture Program

Sensors Unlimited enjoys its seventh year as sponsor to one of Princeton’s University Prestigious programs.

Sensors Unlimited selected as exclusive U.S. sales agent for MICROOLED products

Providing MICROOLED Imaging products to customers in the defense, security, law enforcement and sports optics segments

Sensors Unlimited Introduces Fastest SWIR 2048-Pixel Line Scan Camera to Support Medical Diagnosis

Aid in the detection of multiple eye conditions.

Detecting Cancer Earlier Is Goal of Rutgers-Developed Medical Imaging Technology

Rare earth nanocrystals and infrared light can reveal small cancerous tumors and cardiovascular lesions

Sensor Payloads for Manned and Unmanned Vehicles

Electro-optical sensor payloads are giving today's armored combat vehicles, trucks, and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) enhanced capability.

Enhanced Situational Awareness - New Sensors Unlimited Shortwave Infrared Field-Ready Viewer

UTC Aerospace Systems’ Sensors Unlimited business has introduced the Warrior HWH (handheld/weapon/helmet)

UTC Aerospace Systems’ unit opens state-of-the-art facility in Princeton New Jersey

UTC Aerospace Systems announces the opening of a new facility in Princeton, New Jersey.

Sensors Unlimited 320M SWIR Camera reveals second painting by Picasso

Unexplained brush strokes had led experts to suspect there might be something under the surface of Pablo Picasso's 1901 work 'The Blue Room'

Announcing the Sensors Unlimited Warrior C2S

New clip-on system converts a standard Canon® EOS 5D camera into a day/night SWIR imaging system

Sensors Unlimited’s SWIR products featured at SPIE DSS.

Watch Video live from SPIE DSS. Technology involving military and industrial imaging applications is prevalent at DSS this year, and Sensors Unlimited's was no exception.

OCT Technologies, Applications Showing Great Promise

A panel of industry experts weighs in on recent and future advances in optical coherence tomography, and offers a look at the market.

Multi Spectrum Imaging Industry Roundtable

TISR reached out to several leading defense contractors in order to explore the many military uses of multi-spectral imaging.

20th Annual Albert Einstein Memorial Lecture Program

Sensors Unlimited enjoys its sixth year as sponsor to one of Princeton’s University Prestigious programs.

UTC Aerospace Systems unveils new HD camera

Senors Unlimited's new GA1280JSX, a shortwave infrared camera

BioOptics World - Optical Coherence Tomography/Dentistry: Driving OCT into dentistry

Many advantages of optical diagnostics over current "gold standard" technologies, including improve

SWIR For Target Detection Recognition, And Identification

Shortwave infrared (SWIR) imaging gives warfighters a clearer picture of the battlefield and minimizes the risk of civilian casualties. - by James Kirschner

The Growing Impact Of The NIR Wavelength Band To Biophotonics And In Our Lives

It is a fascinating time to be involved in optics as biological applications grow in leaps and bounds,

Short Wave Infrared Enhances Machine Vision

The machine vision professional gains a new tool with SWIR

Impressions from SPIE Bios / Photonics West

It is an exciting time for biophotonics, with new companies thinking out of the box to innovate healthcare diagnostics and solutions.

Imaging PV Cells

Researchers and manufacturers of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) cells have recently achieved record solar cell conversion efficiencies of 41 percent by overlaying three semiconductor layers.

Expanding The Dynamic Range of Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Imagery

Advances have been made in short wave infrared (SWIR) imaging technology to address the most demanding imaging and surveillance applications

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