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InGaAs Products: Custom Foundry Services

Sensors Unlimited offers a complete solution for all your foundry services needs. For over 20 years Sensors Unlimited has built a strong reputation as the world leader in InGaAs/InP semiconductor foundry services. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified state of the art facility spans over 5,000 square feet of class 1000/100 cleanroom space and a MOCVD reactor produces a wide variety of III-V devices on 50 mm to 100 mm wafers. SUI patented planar InGaAs designs and world-class quality system provides proven reliability for all your foundry needs.

Sensors Unlimited's Comprehensive Solution

Sensors Unlimited's complete solution includes: in-house custom device design, epitaxial growth, fabrication, packaging and flip chip hybridization of opto-electronic components to other circuits. A state of the art characterization facility provides the customer with complete diode parameters ranging from simple IV characteristics to low temperature responsivity testing. In addition to our core III-V technology, Goodrich has formed strategic alliances with several Si CMOS foundries to enhance our foundry services, making it the designer of choice for Si CMOS circuitry for integration with custom designs. Goodrich has the needed expertise and experience to design CMOS readout circuitry for integration with our state of the art sensing technology. Typical InP/InGaAs custom designs can be delivered in 6-8 weeks.

Total customer satisfaction is Sensors Unlimited's number one priority so we strive to manufacture III-V materials and CMOS circuitry that fit our customers needs in all aspects of design, performance and quality standards. Our facilities define flexibility. Beyond the design and manufacturing, integrating them into custom packaging and testing can also be performed at our facilities. Our scientists and engineers work closely with our customers to ensure that their vision is accomplished and the design is completed on time. Furthermore, if a total solution is not what you are looking for, we offer a variety of "in-between" steps such as: indium deposition, wafer growth and any processing step used in III-V device manufacturing.

Broad Experience

Sensors Unlimited builds a complete system optimizing your device design for bandwidth, sensitivity, noise, and cross talk by thoroughly modeling the wafer structure and device layout. Our broad experience of InGaAs/InP design and manufacturing can produce large-scale detector arrays, APDs, PINs, JFETs as well as extended wavelength detectors to 2.5mm.

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