Furnace Monitoring

Calibrated Short Wave Infrared Thermography for Industrial Furnace Monitoring

Sensors Unlimited's InGaAs cameras can be integrated into calibrated measurement systems for continuous monitoring of high temperature industrial furnaces. High temperature furnaces are used in a variety of industrial markets including petrochemical and pulp/paper processing. In order to keep furnace efficiency at a maximum and insure against catastrophic mishaps, it is important to monitor material build up and furnace temperature, as well as other application specific operating parameters.

InGaAs cameras are high end tools for imaging 900-1700 nm light, which in practice, correlates to an ability to measure black body temperatures at or above 200 degrees C. When coupled with an industry specified enclosure, InGaAs cameras have been proven as useful tools in various furnace monitoring applications.

A SWIR camera helps inspect the inside of an active hot furnace for the build-up of slag.