Optical Power Monitoring

Multi-channel Optical Power Monitors for S-Band, C-Band and L-Band DWDM Optical Communication Networks

Multi-channel optical power monitors are necessary for real-time network performance reporting of signal strength and integrity in telecommunication systems. InGaAs photodiode arrays can simultaneously detect multiple wavelengths across the entire ITU (International Telecommunication Union) grid with fast, highly linear performance. Both direct readout and serial output InGaAs photodiode arrays can monitor power in a variety of network elements and EDFA (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier) modules. Custom and standard configurations are available from Sensors Unlimited for arrayed waveguide (AWG) integration, fiber ribbon taps and ROADM assemblies. Many of Sensors Unlimited's InGaAs photodiode types have passed Telcordia reliability standards.

A Sensors Unlimited linear array, pictured below, can monitor power in S-, C-, and L-Band communication networks.