Optical Performance Monitoring

DWDM Optical Performance Monitoring (OPM) for Quality of Service (QoS) in Metro and Longhaul Telecommunications Fiber Optic Networks

The light transported across the fiber optic cable in telecommunication networks is at wavelengths of 1310, 1490, and 1550 nanometers - all wavelengths detected within the short or near infrared spectrums. To serve the telecommunication industry, SUI's short wave IR linear arrays are integrated into a larger optical power monitors (OPM) or optical channel monitor (OCM) to detect the light shooting across the fiber optic cable; the OPM then reports network statistics.

An OPM or OCM is required for real-time reporting of vital optical communication network statistics. These module-level spectrum analyzers provide C-band, L-band, and CWDM measurements of optical power, channel count, and optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) with direct feedback to transmission and reception control in central office terminals and EDFA amplifier nodes.

Long-haul telecom systems contain many components that can attenuate optical signal strength. Since signal attenuation is also proportional to fiber optic cable length, the optical signal strength should be monitored for long-haul telecom systems that contain many miles of fiber optic cable. As telecommunication companies cannot afford low signal or data quality, they use OPMs at strategic points along the fiber cable. Optical channel monitoring ensures high quality optical signal and data integrity - crucial elements of telecommunication service.

A long haul telecom network, such as the example in the diagram below, would need to monitor its signal strength and integrity in order to provide its customers with quality service.

InGaAs linear photodiode arrays from Sensors Unlimited provide OCM designers the capability of instrument designs with no moving parts, yielding the most robust measurement platform possible for embedded circuit packs. Our installed base of photodetectors numbers in the thousands and can be found in many of the world's optical networks. Coupled with 10 years of application expertise, our product line includes hermetically sealed Telcordia qualified and custom direct readout sub-assemblies.